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  • Conference

    10 April

  • Workshop A

    11 April

  • Workshop B

    12 April

  • Workshop C

    13 April

  • Andy Treadwell, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Yacht Show

    Arthur Tay, Chairman & CEO, SUTL Group

  • A high-energy networking session allowing delegates to break the ice in a series of brief one-on-one exchanges. Relax, have fun and make new connections!

  • This session will delve into an honest evaluation of the current yacht ownership market in Asia. A panel of industry leaders and experts will assess the current quality of service and support provided throughout the different stages of the buyer journey, including the element listed below. The panel will identify positive takeaways and gaps to close, as well as demonstrate better ways to engage the customers and create better value for them at every touchpoint. The session will also discuss ownership models suitable for the Asian market and trends that will impact medium term demand.

    • Awareness, Culture, Education

    • Accessibility to Information

    • Understanding and Influencing Consumer Behaviour

    • Marketing and Engagement

    • Sales and Purchase

    • Ownership

    Moderator: Simon Turner, Managing Director, Iconovista


    Matty Zadnikar, Chief Executive Officer, SeaNet

    David Good, Chief Executive Officer, AIMEX, Superyacht Australia

    Greg Dagge, Partner, Central Yacht

    • Development of the marine tourism industry in Indonesia and Singapore - What kind of opportunities are we seeing in the market?

    • Attracting a new group of discerning customers by pairing luxury with sustainable travel

    • Streamlining operations to improve operational efficiency, customer service and profitability

    • Supporting regional governments in their efforts to improve marine conservation and management

    • Building a strong lifestyle brand and carving a niche in the luxury hospitality and yachting industry

    • Addressing challenges in yacht management, service and support unique to Asian Customers – What are their priorities and expectations?

    • Enriching an owner’s understanding on the importance of quality yacht management services

    • Streamlining operations to improve operational efficiency, customer service and profitability

    • Insights into the world of crew management in Asia – How different is it compared to western markets?

    Moderator: Simon Turner, Managing Director, Iconovista


    Joe Yuen, Head of Yacht Management Services, Asia, Burgess

    Shemaine Sebastian, Operations Manager and Chief Instructor for Health and Safety, Galileo Maritime Academy

    Hans Doodkorte, Senior Project Manager, Northrop and Johnson

    Christophe Ceard, Managing Director, Swiss Ocean Management

    • What’s influencing the appearance of the Superyacht market today - Exploring the latest noteworthy trends in superyacht design and technology

    • Applying intelligent naval architecture to produce the perfect blend of power, sustainability and luxury

    • Enabling the next generation of elite seagoing vessels through digitalisation, greater levels of autonomy and operational efficiency improvements

  • Moderator: Simon Turner, Managing Director, Iconovista


    Fong Chee Khuen, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark

    Robert Day, Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Planning & Landscape, WATG

    Chris Wootten, President Director, International Leisure Consultants

    Christophe Saune, Asia Pacific Area Manager, Poralu Marine

  • This session will bring together industry leaders from China to review the market climate and provide insights into their growth expectations as well as their medium to long-term objectives. The goal of this session is to provide the industry with a realistic and accurate outlook of the China market and to align regional growth strategies.

    Moderator: Simon Turner, Managing Director, Iconovista


    Fang Yuan, Chief Executive Officer, Heysea Yachts

    Mark Evans, Managing Director, McConaghy Group

    Godfrey Zwygart, General Manager Operations, Sanya Serenity Marina

  • In this interactive wrap-up segment, Simon Turner will highlight top talking points across the day's sessions and invite delegates to raise questions around common themes, opening up the floor for constructive dialogue and feedback.

    • Spotlight on SEA, Pacific and North Asia Regions

    • Overview of the current superyacht landscape

    • Updates on lobbying with the Government to ease regulations

    • Key destinations for Superyacht charter and cruising, and significant marketing campaigns

    • Overview of infrastructure, facilities, and agent services to support Superyachting

    • Speakers:

      Andy Shorten, Director, Lighthouse Consultancy

      Oh Kean Shen, Managing Director, Pen Marine

      Kenta Inaba, CEO, Asia, Super Yacht Logistics Japan

      Angela Pennefather, Founder, Melanesian Yacht Support

    • Discussing growth drivers of the regional charter market, changing regulations and agent interactions – what are the most pressing issues?

    • An in-depth look into the interplay of regulations, government support, destination marketing and industry efforts to achieve sustainable growth

    • Improving agent interactions and building win-win partnerships

    • The impact of world affairs on Asia’s yachting scene - Looking into note-worthy sporting and social events taking place in Asia Pacific and how these high-profile events can benefit the promotion of charter or yachting activities

    Moderator: Simon Turner, Managing Director, Iconovista


    Nikko Karki, Director, Indo Yachts

    Y. H. Fang, Founder, Yachting Singapore

    Craig de Wit, Captain/Owner, PNGYS

    Bryan Tse, Commercial Operations, Anglo-Eastern Group; Council Representative, Hong Kong Boating Industry Association

    • A: Nurturing Effective Partnerships between Agents, Marinas and Service Providers / Innovative Activities for Charter Yachts

    • B: Marketing and Communications Strategies to Engage Charter Clients from the Mediterranean and USA

    • Sharing practical insights on building a successful dealer network

    • Managing the partnerships effectively

    • Driving positive customer outcomes and profitability

    • Setting your dealers up for success with a comprehensive development and sales support plan

    • Equipping leaders with the resources and tools to meet changing demands in customer expectations - What is the difference between providing a service and producing a solution?

    • Customer Share versus Market share - Which is more important, presence in the market or depth of brand with customers?

    • Recognising that building strong internal relationships is vital to achieving positive customer service results and profitable congruent sales

    • Measuring the success of your dealership effectively and keeping your team engaged

  • David Good, Chief Executive Officer, AIMEX, Superyacht Australia

    Steve Fisher, Director of International Business, Rivergate Marina and Shipyard

  • With a need for regional repair facilities for Superyachts whilst in Asian waters, Singapore is an appealing option. Being located at the crossroads of Asia's best cruising destinations, Singapore is the ideal stop-off point to carry out required maintenance and repairs.